Scroll Programmatically with keyframe animation tutorial

 Sometimes you need to use scrolling programmatically. In this case, you can use keyframe animation. Int his tutorial, we create TableviewController with basic settings, and after that we detect when the user start scrolling or stop scrolling with detect scroll offset, and we begin programmatically keyframe animation at use scrollViewDidEndDragging. 

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“You must to know!” Collection - Core Data simple explanations

 With Core Data framework you can manage your objects in your App. You can manage your object’s life-cycle and object graph, so the attributes and relationships of your entities. You can edit, save modify and rebuild your database. You can group, filtering, organizing your data. I try to explain just the basics with this example.

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UITextField Animation 1: fade in & out, background (opacity) CABasicAnimation

In this Xcode 6 and IOS 8 UITextField Animation tutorial, we create a fade in & out animation, and with 2 UITextField we create dimming and lighting CABasicAnimation when the Textfield become FirstResponder, and when the user end editing. It could be very useful if you would like to create a nice interface animation for a basic form. 

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Custom Segue, Unwind Segue with Animations & NavController - Part 2/2

In this tutorial, we continue the segue settings. Now we do custom segue with UIAnimation. This tutorial made in IOS 8 Xcode 6 Tutorial: Basic Xcode project. In the first part, we created UIViewControllers, with UIButtons. Embed UINavigationController, and manage Custom Segue and UnWind Segue. Part 2/2 Tutorial, using UIAnimation at Custom Segue.

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Custom Segue, Unwind Segue with Animations & NavController - Part 1/2

In this tutorial we add model versions, model mappings, and using Lightweight Migration.In this tutorial we create 2 UIViewController With 1-1 UIButtons and Embed UINavigationController. After that we create Custom Segue, and send data to SecondViewController, finally we set the UnWindSegue too. This tutorial is a Basic Settings tutorial, which was made IOS 8 and Xcode 6.

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