Xcode 9 IOS 11 beta 2

Just some news about the news. What can you expect when you start using Xcode 9 with IOS 11? First you should download the second beta version, and I have to say, these have still quite a lot of bug. But there are some great news in Xcode 9 and IOS 11 (beta 2), what are good to know! Check new simulators, how to run App on real device via WiFi. About Build System news and about Good news for CoreData fans in Xcode 9. Those Xcode 9 new feature, which makes our life easier when new devices should be used. What's so great in new Source control navigator and source editor or new features at Debugging in Xcode 9 or Core ML? And don't forget some amazing new functions of IOS 11. Come with me for the first look!

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