IOS10 - UserNotification.framework - UNNotification tutorial Swift

UILocalNotification is deprecated at IOS10. Instead that you need to use UserNotifications framework. In this Swift 3 tutorial we can see the basics of the new framework, register an UNNotification and trigger it with custom sound.

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SyncKit tutorial - CloudKit with CoreData IOS10, Obj-C

This Tutorial shows you SyncKit, a great Solution for syncing your data using CloudKit between devices instead of iCloud Drive with Core Data, because of Core Data stores with ubiquity options have been deprecated. I’m going to create a simple model, where companies have departments and employees are in departments. I’ll import at launch CoreDataDefaults, exactly 5 Companies. After that I’m going to add new departments and employees too. With a Sync button, I will sync these Data with CloudKit.
Because of I import companies at first launch, if the user deletes the app, and later install it again, these will duplicate. Avoid this, I’m going to use QSPrimaryKey identifying objects, so if the Name of the Company already exists, that will be not synced again, that will be not duplicate neither in CloudKit nor local.

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IOS10 openURL Swift & Objective-C new method

 In IOS10 the old openURL code is deprecated, best you update it for a new version. In this tutorial you can see the Swift 3 and Objective-C solution too.

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IOS10 - UserNotification.framework - UNNotification tutorial Obj-C

As you know, from IOS10, the UILocalNotification is deprecated. Instead that you need to use UserNotifications.framework. In this tutorial we can see the basics of the new framework, register an UNNotification and trigger it with custom sound.  

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Custom Segue, Unwind Segue Swift 3 - UIAnimation and NavigationController

In this tutorial I show the newest IOS10 Swift 3 version of my old Objective-C tutorial. We will create a Swift 3 Xcode 8 Single View Project with subclassed Custom Segue and Custom Unwind Segue. The customization will be a UIAnimation using NavigationController.

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Instruments tutorial Part 3 - Profile Performance - Time Profiler - CPU Usage

Now I'll show you, how can use these things with Time Profiler, to find problems in your Project, and solve these high CPU/low-overhead problem. These are usually code bugs, not allocations but it can be several type of mistakes, and you have to find a better code or solution, or sometimes you use unnecessary code. It can help you check your project, and not just find problems, because you can test it with your updated code again, and see if the problem is still exist.

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