Custom Segue, Unwind Segue Swift 3 - UIAnimation and NavigationController

In this tutorial I show the newest IOS10 Swift 3 version of my old Objective-C tutorial. We will create a Swift 3 Xcode 8 Single View Project with subclassed Custom Segue and Custom Unwind Segue. The customization will be a UIAnimation using NavigationController.

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Swift Custom Font import & UIFont Family Names List - IOS, Swift 2.2

 This is a Swift 2.2 version of previous ObjC tutorial. Sometimes it's very useful to check, which UIFonts are already available, and which should be imported. In this little tutorial, I will show, how can you import your own custom UIFont, and how can you check the available UIFonts and Families in your Xcode Project. IOS 9.3 Xcode 7.3 Swift 2.2

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IOS10 - UserNotification.framework - UNNotification tutorial Swift

UILocalNotification is deprecated at IOS10. Instead that you need to use UserNotifications framework. In this Swift 3 tutorial we can see the basics of the new framework, register an UNNotification and trigger it with custom sound.

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UITextField Editing - Text and Cursor Disappear - Solution

Sometimes, we meet with very little issues, which can be solved so easy, but the way to find the solution is always longer and frustrating. This "white UITextField" is also a frustrating Problem. Click in the UITextField and edit the earlier Text, but how, if you can't see that? More click, of course, help on it, but there is a final solution. Xcode 7.2, IOS 9.2

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IOS10 openURL Swift & Objective-C new method

 In IOS10 the old openURL code is deprecated, best you update it for a new version. In this tutorial you can see the Swift 3 and Objective-C solution too.

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