UITextField Editing - Text and Cursor Disappear - Solution

Sometimes, we meet with very little issues, which can be solved so easy, but the way to find the solution is always longer and frustrating. This "white UITextField" is also a frustrating Problem. Click in the UITextField and edit the earlier Text, but how, if you can't see that? More click, of course, help on it, but there is a final solution. Xcode 7.2, IOS 9.2

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IOS9 SDK Xcode 7 deprecated warnings solutions

If you switch to IOS 9 target, you will get some deprecated warnings, which will be later deleted at SDK, so this is the perfect time to solved these. Instead of UIAlert you need to use UIAlertController, or you need to use in AppDelegate "[NSManagedObjectContext alloc] initWithConcurrencyType", and you must to use "metadametadataForPersistentStoreOfType" with options. I created a list with some useful changes. 

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UIColor Subclass - change Color with key

If your App uses a lot of colors, and you need to write conditions in all View Controller to define which color to display, it should all be completed within UIColor subclass. So instead e dozens of lines of code in every ViewController, you can write only 2-3 lines code. Now I show it in Objective-C.

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