UITextField Editing - Text and Cursor Disappear - Solution

Sometimes, we meet with very little issues, which can be solved so easy, but the way to find the solution is always longer and frustrating. This "white UITextField" is also a frustrating Problem. Click in the UITextField and edit the earlier Text, but how, if you can't see that? More click, of course, helps on it, but there is a final solution.

I experienced it when a simple animation was launched when using Text Field.

This is a system bug, not IOS Simulator cause this, or your code. The solution: You need to bring your UITextField View to front. 

1. At StoryBoard, you can do it manually

2. Programmatically you can dot it with this:

Objective-C: [self.view bringSubviewToFront:myTextField];

Swift: self.view.bringSubviewToFront(myTextField)