“You must to know!” Collection - Core Data simple explanations

 With Core Data framework you can manage your objects in your App. You can manage your object’s life-cycle and object graph, so the attributes and relationships of your entities. You can edit, save modify and rebuild your database. You can group, filtering, organizing your data. I try to explain just the basics with this example.

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UITextField Animation 1: fade in & out, background (opacity) CABasicAnimation

In this Xcode 6 and IOS 8 UITextField Animation tutorial, we create a fade in & out animation, and with 2 UITextField we create dimming and lighting CABasicAnimation when the Textfield become FirstResponder, and when the user end editing. It could be very useful if you would like to create a nice interface animation for a basic form. 

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Custom Segue, Unwind Segue with Animations & NavController - Part 2/2

In this tutorial, we continue the segue settings. Now we do custom segue with UIAnimation. This tutorial made in IOS 8 Xcode 6 Tutorial: Basic Xcode project. In the first part, we created UIViewControllers, with UIButtons. Embed UINavigationController, and manage Custom Segue and UnWind Segue. Part 2/2 Tutorial, using UIAnimation at Custom Segue.

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Custom Segue, Unwind Segue with Animations & NavController - Part 1/2

In this tutorial we add model versions, model mappings, and using Lightweight Migration.In this tutorial we create 2 UIViewController With 1-1 UIButtons and Embed UINavigationController. After that we create Custom Segue, and send data to SecondViewController, finally we set the UnWindSegue too. This tutorial is a Basic Settings tutorial, which was made IOS 8 and Xcode 6.

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