IOS9 SDK Xcode 7 deprecated warnings solutions

If you switch to IOS 9 target, you will get some deprecated warnings, which will be later deleted at SDK, so this is the perfect time to solved these. Instead of UIAlert you need to use UIAlertController, or you need to use in AppDelegate "[NSManagedObjectContext alloc] initWithConcurrencyType", and you must to use "metadametadataForPersistentStoreOfType" with options. I created a list with some useful changes. 

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CoreData Tutorial Part 5/5 - Model Versioning, Lightweight Migration, Model Mapping

When you need to change your Core Data Entities or structure, you have to add new model version before you send your App in AppStore. If you change just attributes or fetched templates, it’s not needed, you can do it without consequence. But if you want to add a new Entity, you have to migrate your persistent store to a new model version. You should also set mappings for the migration. In this tutorial, we add model versions, model mappings, and using Lightweight Migration.

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Custom UINavigationBar appearance - Multiple UIBarButtonItems

 After basic settings we set UINavigationBar colors and clear background image, and set our own separator line with an image. After that, we create Navigation Bar UIBarButtonItems programmatically and set their color too. Finally, we show and hide UINavigationBar at switching between ViewControllers, and hide StatusBar. These are very useful things, which can be present nice solutions. 

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Storyboard Basic Settings Part 1. - ViewController, NavigationController, UIBarButtonItems

This tutorial help to do basic settings, before we do specific exercises. I did this for help myself. :) At the next Tutorials, I will just link it, and not write again and again the basic settings at Storyboard, as creating new UIViewController, new CocoaTouch files, or embed UINavigationController and add UIBarButtonItems.

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Core Data tutorial part 4.2 / 5 - Using NSFetchedResultsController, Reorder TableViewCells with LongPressGesture

In this Core Data Tutorial, we do very important and useful things: First we set NSFetchedResultsController, and do changes in the code, create displayOrder attribute.With LongPressGestureRecognizer we can reorder TableViewCells and update Core Data cells with displayOrder attribute, which saved immediately in Core Data.

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Scroll Programmatically with keyframe animation tutorial

 Sometimes you need to use scrolling programmatically. In this case, you can use keyframe animation. Int his tutorial, we create TableviewController with basic settings, and after that we detect when the user start scrolling or stop scrolling with detect scroll offset, and we begin programmatically keyframe animation at use scrollViewDidEndDragging. 

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